Fido Frenzy! How to Handle the Family Pet(s) and Divorce

25 Aug

When I was taking my Divorce Mediation coursework, I had a hard time relating to the lessons about pets and divorce. You see, at the time, I wasn’t a pet owner, and I had difficulty understanding how someone can become so wrought with anxiety over the fate of a family pet.

Fixing Feedback Failures

22 Aug

What happens inside your brain when someone gives you feedback?

How and Why Pets Can Increase Conflict

18 Aug

When I first started my research for this post, my original thought was: Pets must reduce conflict because they reduce anxiety (in general). In fact, in our home, our new Chihuahau, “Nacho,” has significantly reduced conflict between my children, since they now have a distraction from their favorite pasttime (arguing with one another).

I thought we were friends!

15 Aug

Funny those things from your childhood that you remember. My mom always said that “friend’ was an overused word in the English language. It turns out that she may be right.

Can You Ingest Conflict?

11 Aug

You are what you eat, right? But, what about conflict? Is it possible that we “ingest” conflict much like we ingest food? And, if that’s the case, how much is too much conflict to “eat”?

Preparing Students for Workplace Conflict

8 Aug

I just love Ms. Jonas, the English teacher at ACE Charter High School in Reno. She is an innovator who teaches job related scenarios and skills needed to address them.

Zip It! Maybe Resolving Conflict ISN’T About Words

4 Aug

Communication is key. Isn’t that what we’ve all heard over and over when it comes to relationships? But, what KIND of communication is key? Verbal or non-verbal?

One Simple Question

1 Aug

I happened across the teachings of a Vietnamese monk recently as part of an online search of something entirely unrelated. Fortunately, I had a few moments to light on that page and I found a question.

Do You Always Take the “Leftovers”?

28 Jul

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my new “multi-generational” tennis class and the fantastic people I’ve met there. Well, one of those just happens to be my age (which is kind of a shocker), and, recently, she’s been dealing with ending herĀ marriage.

Intractable Differences?

25 Jul

My conflict resolution colleague, Jim Melamed, has been in the middle of some pretty gnarly conflicts. And he has seen some pretty amazing outcomes. Why?