Shared Reality or Not?

27 Feb

This is critical to remember …

The Irony Behind Much-Needed Affection

23 Feb

How many of you have dealt with a cranky child who’s in the midst of a tantrum? If you have a child over the age of 2, I imagine all of you have experienced a meltdown or two (or three, or four…). 

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

20 Feb

You’ve heard the saying “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” before.  It means that you shouldn’t blame the bearer of bad news for the news that he/she is delivering. So … what does that have to do with conflict?

How To Mourn the Loss of a Friendship

16 Feb

When I talk to clients about grief, they often think I’m referring to the physical death of a loved one. But, I remind them that grief is much larger than that – yes, it usually refers to the mourning process over the physical death of someone. But, grief is also the process by which we […]

Does Our Intent = Our Actions?

13 Feb

I started thinking about this blog topic because I read an article about a famous American who thought he was open to negotiation and compromise. Was he? I’m not sure. But apparently, he thought so.

Who Makes the “Best” Parent?

9 Feb

When I work with families, the subject of parenting is definitely a hot topic! I’m often asked questions like, “Should both parents work outside the home?” “What’s better – quality time or more time in general?” “Should Dad be more involved in his childrens’ lives”

Letting Perfect be the Enemy of Good

6 Feb

I chose this topic for today’s post because it’s the first day of the Nevada Legislature. And I am about to be immersed in a pretty adversarial place for the next 120 days. Many years ago,  I heard the phrase “don’t let perfect stand in the way of good” and I will admit … I […]

How To “Undramatically” Back-Out of Drama

2 Feb

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of “drama” you just can’t seem to escape? If you’re like a lot of my clients, you may be involved in family drama, friend drama, or (my favorite) relationship drama, some of which just seems to constantly revolve around you.

What happened to respectful dialogue?

30 Jan

It’s tiring …

Do As I Do, Not As I Say?

26 Jan

Did anyone else grow up hearing the phrase, “Do as I say – NOT as I do?” If so, we’re definitely not alone! That’s how parents used to justify their not-so-great behavior in front of children. Even today, we parents are tempted to take a “Do as I say…” approach when we’re doing a whole […]