100 Posts and Counting …

16 Dec

Wow – it’s been nearly a year since we started The Olive Branch Blog. Britt and I have 100 posts under our belt. It’s hard to believe!

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started on this venture. I wondered … how hard would it be a write a post per week without fail? Would I have writer’s block sometimes? Will anyone read our posts? Will we be relevant?

When I told a colleague I was going to become a blogger, she replied “When on earth are you going to have time to write?” and I quickly, but jokingly,  responded “When I’m driving!”

celebrating-100-postsBut that’s actually how it is working for me. I think about what I am going to write when driving to Carson City, walking my dog or some other similar activity. So when I sit down to actually write the post, the words usually just flow – most of the time. PHEW!

And it turns out, that the ideas for my posts come from everyday life, things I read about or observe. The world is ripe with suggestions about conflict resolution, communication and how to improve how we interact with one another.

All that said, Britt and I don’t want to stop growing and we invite and encourage your comments, suggestions and ideas for post topics.

THANK-YOU for your support this past year. We appreciate all of our readers VERY much.




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