5. Collective Intelligence

3 Oct

Some phrases just have a great ring to them.

“Collective Intelligence” is one of those.


We don’t travel our paths alone.

Sometimes we might think that it would be better if everyone agreed with us, shared our opinions and simply followed our lead … right?

But that’s just not the way it works.

It’s our diversity that defines our individuality.

If we don’t incorporate the ideas of many and try to force others to comply with our principles or buy into our beliefs, it will bubble up as dissatisfaction and discontent. Possibly even to the level of anger. Just ask any dictator who has been overthrown about that.

It will only be a matter of time before dissension appears and takes over.Crowd of people

So, “collective intelligence” isn’t about harmonious dialogue with everyone singing from the same songbook. Or a bunch of “yes people” following you around and hanging on your every word.

Rather, it’s about listening in a respectful way so as to invite diverse viewpoints and perspectives.

And realizing that being locked into one way of thinking (yours) is so confining.

It limits the generation and germination of ideas and precludes the sharing of expertise, backgrounds and analysis from different perspectives.

But if we collectively use our intelligence, then we can achieve great things.

After all, isn’t the whole greater than the sum of its parts?


P.S. This post is the fifth in a series. For more information, please see “Why Do I Write this Blog” about “The Art of Leading Collectively.”



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