Legislators Stand Together for More Mediation

18 Mar

This was supposed to be the third blog about ‘listening’, but when I heard that a bipartisan group of legislators in Minnesota had introduced a bill to create the Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution, I just HAD to write about it.

This news warms my mediator’s heart.

bipartisanFor those of you who don’t know me personally, I have lobbied at the state legislature in Nevada since 1995. In my 18 years, I have seen lots of public policy issues debated but not resolved – session after session – only to reappear because the problem still exists. I am a firm believer in using mediation to bring people together to tackle tough issues  … it WORKS!

One of the bill sponsors has been a volunteer mediator for Mediation Services of Anoka County for 20 years. What an awesome contribution to her community. She refers to seeing “first-hand the transformative power of mediation and how it strengthens and helps families, neighborhoods, students in trouble, juvenile offenders and so many others.”

She is gets it … and so do her colleagues.

If approved, the office would provide technical assistance and best practices, educate the public and governmental entities on mediation options and promote collaborative dispute resolution practices.

What a great use of tax dollars – in my humble opinion.  I wish I were able to lobby in Minnesota for this bill.

I hope to write about it again – when it passes!




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