A Congressional Mediator?

10 Jan

Seems we’re at another political standstill. This side won’t talk to that side. This leader can’t stand that leader. This Representative won’t negotiate with that one. It’s all so familiar, yet still as frustrating, especially when you see all the talking heads on the news shows trying to convince the public that “no, it’s not me–it’s him/her!”

Well, as I was on the treadmill this morning, I just happened upon the morning news shows, and there they were:  all the politicians chatting away about why they refuse to negotiate. when it dawned on me–why isn’t there a Congressional Mediator who can step in? Now, I’m no political science major (for all I know, there may be a mediator on staff), but I’ve never heard of the two sides calling in a neutral party to listen and help the sides negotiate.

Seems this fiscal cliff business would be the perfect opportunity to invite a mediator in for the day, sit the two sides down, and help them hammer out a deal. It may take days, but I can’t think of a better opportunity for a Congressional Mediator. If anyone leaves, well, they would have to face the consequences from the voters. I’m not one to expand government, but maybe, just maybe, a Congressional Mediator should be on the payroll!


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