A Cup of Joe for Inspiration

10 Oct

Here’s a quick Thursday brain-teaser for you–what does coffee have to do with politics?

starbucksTurns out, a lot. In the spirit of inspiring our Congressional leaders to resolve their recent conflict (which led to the partial government shutdown), Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz if offering a free tall brewed coffee to anyone who buys another person a beverage at the gourmet coffee chain from Wednesday to Friday.

The offer is a way to help fellow citizens “support and connect with one another, even as we wait for our elected officials to do the same for our country,” Schultz said in a memo to staff Tuesday.

Will it inspire our Congressional leaders to take a hint and work on a compromise? Probably not, but, in my opinion, it’s a smart marketing move–and, maybe, a sign that altruism and the collective conscious are alive and well, at least among coffee-drinkers!

So, here’s to trying to set an example for our elected officials. At the very least, it’s likely to set an example of how to pay it forward.


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