A Kindness Ripple

16 Feb

Bullying has been around a long time and it never made sense to me that some kids thought the bullies were cool. How could that be? They intimidate kids and cause them to be fearful. That’s a horrible feeling.

And now, technology offers an easy and ‘faceless’ way to harass kids – everything from spreading rumors about someone online to stealing a student’s account information and sending out hurtful messages from them.

Earlier this month, in my community, kids are “fighting” back by the bullies by launching a “Think Kindness” campaign. There are two “Kindness Challenges” they have accepted.

The first one is to carry our daily acts of kindness in the halls, classroom and throughout the community. Their strategy is that kindness can help prevent bullying.  Eight thousand middle school kids in Washoe County are participating and each school has its own approach. Some are leaving nice notes on student’s lockers and others are spreading the word about acts of kindness during morning school announcements. Here’s another great idea … “High 5 Friday.”

The second challenge is to collect 10,000 pairs of shoes  for needy children and families throughout their community and around the world.  The Shoe Drive is going on until February 28. There are several middle school drop-off locations – check out their flyer for more information.


Think Kindness” started right here in Reno. Founder Brian Williams (featured here in a TED Talk) learned from his martial arts instructor, at an early age, that “kindness was the ultimate form of self-defense.” In other words, survival of the kindest!

This is so awesome, I thought … how can I help out?? And I found the answer: “Kindness Cards.” I placed an online order yesterday. Here’s how it works. Each card comes with a unique code that, when entered online, tracks not only the card but each act of kindness that it inspired. So when I perform an act of kindness, I will give someone a card which, hopefully, will inspire them to do the same for someone else.

Hence … a kindness ripple. I hope it becomes a giant wave!







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