A Missed Opportunity?

3 Apr

I, along with most of the world, am fascinated with the missing jet, MH 370. With all the technology, GPS capabilities, and radar, it still took weeks for authorities to find debris from the jet–another reminder that the world is much, much bigger than we think.

In the midst of the search, hundreds of families seem to be getting angrier by the day, wondering if the airlines are being forthright and honest with them regarding their missing loved ones.imagesSYJ71BSN

I can’t help thinking that a mediator (or someone not affiliated with the airlines or the families) could prove useful in this situation and act as a go-between for the families and the airline. If nothing else, he could be an objective third-party and help both sides tone down the rhetoric.

It’s human nature to look for answers, blame others, and try to make sense of a senseless situation, but, that’s where a rational, objective, open-minded mediator fits in–to help both sides sideline their emotions and use logical thinking, even in the midst of extraordinary pain and suffering.




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