A Multi-Generational Approach To Life

14 Jul

I’ve always wanted to be a great tennis player (which could be why I have all three of my children playing), but, alas, it was not meant to be. I don’t mean to sound defeatist, but frankly, I’m not much of an athlete and never will be. It’s OK–I have other talents.

Why the personal tale of tennis woes? Because I’ve found a lot of joy this past year taking a “cardio” tennis class with a group of (mostly) seniors at our club. I can run to the ball, but can’t hit. They can hit the ball, but can’t run. It’s actually very funny to watch.multi-generational

But, the class has really opened my eyes to the joy of multi-generational friendships. Typically, I would have friends my age, Moms mostly, with young children like me. But, taking the tennis class has exposed me to the wonderful world of seniors–and all their wisdom. Guess what? They’ve also been exposed to ME, a forty-two year old Mother of three, and I think they’ve enjoyed my energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.

At work, I’m exposed to twenty-somethings who are interns at our television station, and I love their sweetness, kindness, and drive. Not sure how they feel about me, but I’ll assume they enjoy my professionalism, friendliness, and wisdom.

What a treat it’s been to create friendships among all generations. They’ve added to my life in ways my “contemporaries” just can’t.

And, they’ve inspired me to seek-out younger friendships when I’m a senior (which is not that far off, by the way).

Thank you seniors! Thank you Millenials! My life is richer and deeper because of you!



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