A Tale of Two Attitudes

9 Jan

So, when you finish reading this blog, please let me know … which attitude do you think is better?

I know several octogenarians and nonagearians who are very active and still exercising every day.

This blog is a comparison of the approaches of two of them – both are gentlemen.

Tom, in his late 80s, was a scratch golfer in his day. He and his wife travel south every winter to escape the snow and cold temperatures in favor of sunshine and green fairways.

Tom joined a golf club and when I first met him, he would delight in telling us about his golf outings. But over the years, he was getting out less and less and now, plays maybe twice a week.

I thought perhaps he was slowing down because it was more difficult to play, but that wasn’t the case.

It turns out, he compares his current golf scores to those of yesteryear and gets so discouraged that he chooses not to play as often.

positive attitude or optimism concept - happy smiley face on yellow sticky note surrounded by sad unhappy blue faces

Now, this is in contrast to Gary. I don’t know exactly how old he is, but the instructor of the Senior Fitness class at my gym tells me Gary is 90+.

He comes to the gym every day and when the whole class is doing an exercise, he modifies it to meet his body’s limitations.

Gary’s favorite exercise is one he excels at. I have personally observed Gary doing a ONE MINUTE plank. Can you imagine … at his age?

When he leaves the exercise room, Gary walks out with two walking sticks to assist his wobbly gait. His goal is to become strong enough to need only one stick.

Now, these two gentlemen are only 3 or 4 years apart in age, so they have lived a long time with their respective attitudes … but which one do you think you would rather model?




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