A Southwest “Travel Angel” with No Name

28 Mar

How can you know someone for 20 years and not know his name?

And then one day, he helps you in a HUGE way and saves your day!

That’s what happened to me at the Reno-Tahoe Airport one dark morning while waiting for the ‘commuter’ flight to Las Vegas.

I had broken my routine that morning. I had plugged my phone to the car – and you guessed it, I left it attached to the cable.

I didn’t realize it until way past the security checkpoint.

I searched everywhere and my heart sank as I realized it was still in the car that Bill had driven home.

How was I going to hear from my client who was flying into a different terminal in Las Vegas?

How was I going to stay in touch while traveling all day?

Southwest AirlinesAnd then suddenly, I heard my name on the intercom: “Jeanette – please report to the Southwest ticket counter.”

It might as well have been 100 miles away – the plane was close to boarding and I needed to dash downstairs and back through security to return. I probably wouldn’t make it.

I decided to try and sprinted down the hall, passed my Southwest “Travel Angel.” We had known each other for 20 years and I had told him my tale of woe just a few moments before.

He realized what I was doing and shouted that I wouldn’t make it in time. The plane needed de-icing and would likely leave the gate early. He suggested I board and he would get my phone.

So, I took my seat and anxiously awaited his return. Minutes went by, the plane was full and then suddenly, he appeared with my phone.

After 20 years, I found out his name – Paul, Southwest Operations Manager at RNO.

Thank-you SWA for having such great employees and to Paul. I will never forget what you did for me.  See you next time I fly. I LOVE your airline!


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