A Very Needed Reminder…

23 Jan

So, last week, I had a play date (a time for some grown-up conversation while the children are preoccupied with someone else’s toys).But, this play date was a little different. Whereas most of my social encounters are with people whom I’ve known, at least for a little bit, this one was different. This “Mom” and I passed each other every day while picking up our children from their half-day at school–but, we never conversed, other than to nod or say “Good Morning.”untitled

So, you can imagine my surprise when she invited my family over for a play date.  To boot, she only speaks a little English, as she was born in Korea and is an immigrant.

Always eager to meet new people, I took her up on her offer and took my three children over to her house for a few hours. Turns out, it was a REALLY nice morning! No, REALLY nice! She is amicable and kind, patient and sweet. And, naturally, her children are far more well-behaved than mine 🙂

The whole thing got me thinking: How many people just pass each other by without going the extra mile to really get to know them? And, if each of us stopped for a second to invite that other “Mom” over, how many more relationships might blossom by doing so? And, how many fewer conflicts would arise if we would just get to know that person with whom we have a problem?

It’s just a needed reminder to take the extra step and reach out to others. I know I need that reminder all the time.


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