Acceptance–Through the Eyes of a Grade-Schooler

29 Aug

I always marvel at the constant stream of valuable life lessons I learn on a daily basis from being a Mom to three little children. The latest came soon after our move to Chicago, as I observed my three children and their amazing ability to adapt and accept their new surroundings–and their new friends.

About a week ago, my two oldest started their first foray into Public School after several years of private, more specifically, the sheltered world of Montessori School.imagesCAO1HEKZ

Naturally, I had all sorts of fears and worries (especially after witnessing the throwing of extra-large pixie sticks to the children at Back-to-School Night!), but–nope–not the kids. They marched right into their new classrooms, scoped out the scene, and came home 6 hours later with a list of all their new friends and giant smiles plastered across their faces, indicative of a fabulous first day. In fact, the first play date is already scheduled. And, the neighborhood kids already think of our house as their home away from home

It got me thinking: Why can’t grown-ups be as adaptable and accepting as kids? I count myself among those who love a new adventure and new surroundings, and even I have my anxieties about new people and places.

In the world of conflict resolution, I can only imagine what negotiations would be like if all parties took joy in the unknown–if they could get as excited about the next chapter in their lives as my grade-schoolers!

Another day–another humbling lesson learned!





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