Adult Sibling Mediation/Conflict Resolution

16 May

When I hear the word “siblings,” I admit that I often default to thinking about young children (maybe it’s all the “sibling fights” that I referree on a regular basis!)

However, recently, I read something that brought up the subject of adult sibling relationships, and that got me thinking–how often do we bring our “old” issues to adulthood, including those that involve our siblings?

imagesTHAT got me thinking about the importance of adult sibling relationships and the possible benefit of adult sibling mediation/conflict resolution. After all, it’s not uncommon to spend 70 or 80 years with your siblings. So, maybe it’s best to heal those old wounds, if there are any. And, it’s very important (to me) that mediators who deal with family mediations understand the dynamics of adult sibling relationships. If you find you’re at an impasse and don’t know why, maybe it’s worth your time to explore the siblings’ past relationship.

I found this online: One researcher, Goetting (1986, as cited in Cicirelli, 1995), believes that the amount of help that siblings give each other during adulthood and old age is based on their childhood and adolescent relationships.

Yep, that means those “old” wounds and rivalries may not be so “old” after all! And, when decisions need to be made–an aging parent, estates, wills–I can only imagine it’s best if all siblings have a healthy relationship, so they can make tough decisions without all the baggage from childhood.

The research states that the importance of adult sibling relationships increases as we age. So, isn’t it best to put those old issues to rest? Now, let me find my big brother’s phone number…




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