Advantage: Nappers

20 Jul

A little snippet posted on the New York Times website caught my eye the other day … because it was about something that I wish I could do.

And that’s nap.

Kiersten's kitten photoI have never been a napper. I envy people who are.  And now there may be even more reason than ever to start  getting into the habit.

A recent study, which appeared in a journal entitled “Personality and Individual Differences,” found that a short midday nap reduces impulsive behavior and improves the ability to withstand frustration.

Now granted, the sample size was small, however, it did indicate that participants (all adults), who were allowed to nap, spent significantly more time working on an unsolvable task. Their counterparts, who watched a video instead of catching  a few “zzzzs” gave up on the same task sooner.

Also, the nappers reported that they felt less impulsive.

So what does this all have to do with conflict?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have observed that frustrated people are more short tempered. Think of the last long meeting you attended when the tension in the room rose and frustration set in. This often leads to snipping at each other and perhaps even some more open hostility.

Wouldn’t it be great if when this happens, we could all just take a nap break and go take a snooze.

Just like pre-schoolers … I bet things would get a lot smoother after we woke up.


P.S. Today’s photo is courtesy of a friend who is fostering this sweet little kitten.












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