All I Need to Know I Learned in 2nd Grade

24 Jan

So, last year, my (then) 2nd grader came home and, naturally, immediately started fighting with her sister. This time, though, I overheard something I’d never heard before…”Sadie, do you want to have a peace talk?”

Curious what this was, I asked my oldest what she was talking about. So, she told me. Apparently, in her class at school, if a conflict begins, the parties involved are asked to have a “peace talk.” Basically, one person gets the “peace talk” plastic rose, and they work it out. Whoever is holding the rose at the time gets to talk while the other listens. I was so impressed, in fact, that we now implement a “peace talk” for conflicts in our home–right down to the plastic rose.

Talk about your conflict resolution!

In many ways, mediation is really a “peace talk” for grown-ups. Minus the plastic rose. Plus a mediator. But, basically, it’s a chance to resolve conflict in a safe and constructive environment. So, here’s to the 2nd graders–thanks for the grown-up lesson!


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