Behind the Scenes

11 Jul

Conflict has taken hold.

Communication has broken down.

Everyone has become less flexible.

The sides have retreated to their respective corners.

Each party wants to defeat the other – so one side MUST lose.

Tension mounts – resolution seems remote.

That’s what’s occurring in the foreground.

But if you are lucky, there is at least one person who isn’t as entrenched as everyone else.


They can see beyond the positions and most importantly respect the differences that exist.

They are the ones who tend to relationship building anyway and go about reaching out to the other side.

They have to be careful to pick someone who will be receptive.

They listen and try to understand the other side’s point of view.

They leave judgement behind and focus identifying the common ground.

Often they work in the dark of the night, when no one knows that they are there – for fear of being considered a traitor.

They encourage input and create an atmosphere of collaboration.

They carry messages back and forth between the camps (often clandestinely) and infuse ideas together in the hopes of brokering a solution.

They work on developing trust where none exists.

They are the behind the scenes negotiators engaged in backstage diplomacy.

Often, they don’t get the credit they deserve. They take risk by reaching out.

They are the silent ambassadors of change.







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