Being Thankful for a Conflict-Free Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

Hey everyone–Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, my Dad and Step-Mom are driving up from Atlanta, and it looks like a small, family Thanksgiving for us. But, for those of you hitting the road for or hosting a large, extended-family Thanksgiving, I’ve written a few pointers to keep in conflict-free!

Here are a few tips for a drama-free meal:

1. Keep the Past in the Past…For Now. It might be tempting to bring up old conflicts or attempt to repair old wounds at the Thanksgiving table. Resist the urge! Chances are, any conflict you create will entice other family members to chime in.untitled (14)

2. Invite Drama-Free Guests: Let’s face it: If you invite family members who love creating drama, gracefully “forget” to invite them. Yes, those family members always make for good entertainment, but it’s better to keep the drama at arms length. Perhaps, suggest an alternate time and place to get together.

3. Put Ground Rules in Place Before the Guests Arrive: If you just HAVE to invite family members who love drama, then, it’s a good idea to set up ground rules before they arrive. For example, let feuding family members know that insults and unfair criticisms will be met with an invitation to leave.

These are just a few pointers to keep in mind as you gather around your Thanksgiving table. Save the conflict for the therapy office!


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