Bi-lingual Mediators Wanted!

21 Mar

One thing that’s becoming more and more apparent (at least, to me) is the need for bi-lingual professionals, and that goes for the conflict resolution industry, as well.

At our office, we are in a constant search for bi-lingual (English-Spanish) therapists, due to the increasing number of Spanish-only speakers that need therapeutic services. In fact, we can barely keep up with the demand, as many Hispanic families seem more open to therapy than in previous years.

untitledI predict an increasing need for bi-lingual mediators, too–and not just English-Spanish. The number of potential clients who speak languages other than the major European languages seems to be growing, and, in my opinion, mediators who know those languages may find themselves in high demand.

I even came across an article that mentioned a program in place to meet the increasing need for bi-lingual mediators. The Dan Dana Charitable Fund offers licenses to reproduce training programs at no cost to qualified, low budget organizations, institutions, and consultancies that deliver services in languages other than the major European languages. The website is

Even though I have a B.A. in French, which is not exactly a second-language that has served me well, I still feel like I have an “edge” in the event someone needs a French-speaking mediator. Hey, couldn’t hurt I guess, right?



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