Blame Your Environment…

9 Jan

So, I’d like to thank the “Arctic Vortex” for more than just the minus 15 degrees outside my door–I’d like to thank it for making me realize that one’s environment can actually create conflict that may have not been there in the first place.

Let me explain: My family and I traveled to Atlanta for 2 weeks, and, besides a few minor altercations between the kids, everyone got along REALLY well. It even caused me to wonder–where did all the fighting go?images

Fast-forward to our return to Chicago. It didn’t take 2 minutes in the house for the fighting to begin! It basically went like this: Unpack, break up a fight, unpack, break up a fight, unpack, break up a fight. You get the idea.

Then, I realized all the fights had a lot to do with where we were: Gone were all the doting Grandparents and loving Aunts and Uncles. We were back to real life. And, real life means fighting between siblings.

This also made me realize that, in general, an environment can have a lot to do with conflict. It’s one reason many divorcing couples move into new homes. The old house brings up too many memories of fighting and conflict. A new place means a new start.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all our readers–may your environments bring you nothing but peace!


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