Buddy Bench

24 Mar

I don’t get to watch the news much anymore … but when I saw this story I just had to write about it.

The Buddy Bench is a wonderful program that schools all across the country are embracing and kids are part of the driving force in making it happen.

How does it work?

bbWhen a child feels alone or excluded from what’s going on, he or she can go sit on the Buddy Bench and be invited by the “Peace Patrol” or other children to talk or play.  The presence of “Peace Patrols” creates a school culture of caring and inclusion.

What strikes me as the most powerful benefit of this program is that empowers kids to be a part of the solution.

We talk a lot about mediation being an empowering process. I see that concept spring to life so often when people get together to work on solutions to their conflict.

How wonderful it is that the Buddy Bench encourages kids to reach out and take charge of their own situation in a positive and supported way.

What great life skills to teach at an early age.


P.S. Want to know more? Click here: Christian’s Buddy Bench



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