Can Bullies Mediate?

3 Oct

Although my  oldest Daughter is only nine, I know the pre-teen years are right around the corner (Heaven help me!). And, sadly, I know it’s unlikely she’ll make it through all her school years without some contact with Bullies.

Whether it’s being a Bully, being bullied, or witnessing bullying, very few children can escape it completely–which makes me wonder whether mediation could work if the Bully and the object of the bullying could sit down to talk things out.untitled

In my estimation, things could go one of two ways: In a perfect world, the Bully would “hear out” the child who is being bullied and would understand the pain his/her behavior is causing. In a not-so-perfect world, the Bully would use the mediation process to intimidate the other child further and, perhaps, even attempt to bully at the mediation table.

And, let’s face it–it’s a pretty imperfect world.

Still, just writing this blog makes me realize the value of good mediators–in this imperfect world where a mediation could fail just as easily as it could succeed, mediators keep trying–and trying–and trying.


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