Caring for Others–Caring for Self

14 Mar

imagesCAXQOWC2I believe mediation is both an art and a science. On the one hand, a mediator has to have the skill to facilitate a constructive conversation between two conflicting parties. But, on the other hand, mediators have to perfect the art of active listening, with a degree of compassion and understanding. Combining them can be exhausting, to say the least!

That’s where self-care comes into play. As a therapist, it’s a hot topic in supervision because therapists (especially new ones) have a habit of emotionally taking care of others without taking care of themselves. This can lead to professional “burn-out” and can leave them emotionally drained, unable to emotionally tend to their friends, family, etc.

Same for mediators, I think. Perhaps seasoned mediators have perfected the balance between caring for others and caring for self, but we new mediators could probably use a few tips.

A massage? Mindless T.V.? A hot bath? All are viable options for taking care of oneself. Maybe all mediators should have their own therapist! No matter which way you take care of yourself, it’s clear self-care is important–so you can be there for your clients…and yourself.


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