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Do Your “Pillars” Stand Strong?

31 Aug

The age-old question, “What makes people truly happy?” has been around for as long as anyone can remember. And, it’s a question that’s stumped many a philosopher, much less a psychologist! But, it seems research has come to the rescue, and we may finally understand what leads to happiness.

Why You Should Treat Yourself Like a Child

10 Aug

As a therapist, I notice a lot of recurring themes in my office. And, one seems to be popping up more and more lately: The idea that we’re supposed be perfect/do things perfectly or else we’re failures. Failing, it seems, isn’t an option these days, and the fear of failure seems to be causing a […]

Are You a Love Addict?

15 Jun

If you’ve been around long enough, you probably know a bit about addiction – at least the kind that involves illicit drugs or alcohol. But, what about love? Is it possible to be a love “addict”? And, if so, what does it mean for those around us?

It only takes 5 minutes

5 Jun

There is definitely a tension between my schedule and me. And sometimes I feel conflicted.

Jealousy and Envy – Can They Be Useful?

1 Jun

Even though jealousy and envy are perfectly normal emotions, for some reason, we have trouble admitting we have them to others (and ourselves, for that matter). Society tells us it’s bad to feel jealous or envious, that those feelings represent some sort of deficiency of self (why else would we refer to jealousy a the […]

Lovin’ a “Mediocre” Life

6 Apr

I don’t often “click here” when someone posts an article on Facebook, but when I saw the topic of a recent article posted by a friend, I just had to see what it was all about. It was called “What If All I Want Is a Mediocre Life?’, and it had me intrigued.

Facebook-You VS. the Real-You

9 Mar

We write a lot about conflict on our blog (it’s a conflict resolution blog, after all!). But, I fear we don’t pay enough attention to our inner conflicts – those that we fight in our heads and hearts.

A Tale of Two Attitudes

9 Jan

So, when you finish reading this blog, please let me know … which attitude do you think is better?

What Are You “Saying” To Yourself?

29 Dec

Back in graduate school, I loved exploring the different therapy “modalities” out there – psychodynamic, emotionally-focused, Bowenian… I could go on-and-on. But, one more recent way of treating clients and patients really stuck in my mind. And, it’s a theory to which I still subscribe today.

Money vs. Time

28 Nov

Most of us would say we don’t have enough money. And we all know that we have a limited amount of time on this earth. So …. if you had to pick between the two … which would you choose?