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Feel Free to Fantasize!

7 Sep

Perhaps you’ve heard about the value of imagining success – the idea that, if you “practice” something, then you’re more likely to be successful at it. For example, if you imagine yourself running that half marathon and finishing, then you’re more likely to actually DO it. And, do it successfully.

Are You a Marriage “Team Partner”?

3 Aug

The most important “team” you’ll ever find yourself on is in your marriage, so it’s worth investing time and effort into being the best team you can be.

When Did You Last Experience “Leisure?”

20 Jul

When was the last time you looked over the holiday cards you’ve received? Since it’s July, it’s probably been a while. But, think back – what did most of them have in common? The word, “busy.”

What’s in Your Chest of Drawers?

13 Jul

I’ll never forget trying to leave the house when my third child was an infant – as I started to walk out the door, I noticed he was crying (the “I need you now!” cry), and I hesitated to see how quickly my husband would respond. Turns out, he was putting groceries away at that […]

I AM Enough

30 Jun

It’s hard to believe how often our past makes its way into our relationships, but you only need to listen to couples seeking help to find out how much our childhood determines our conflict-style and dynamics.

When Is It Too Late To Save a Marriage?

22 Jun

I get asked the question all the time: When is it too late to save a marriage?

Can a Great Relationship Shield You From Negativity?

8 Jun

The research is clear: Being in a satisfying relationship can predispose you to all sorts of wonderful things. For example, those who report high relationship satisfaction tend to live longer, have a better job, and have lower stress. However, the flip-side is also true: Those who report low relationship satisfaction report poorer health, bad job […]

When Is Conflict Worth It?

25 May

Have you ever been around someone who creates conflict even over the smallest events or problems? It’s as if this person might be hunting for conflict or complaint and seizes on every opportunity to “have it out.”

Does Long Distance = Less Conflict?

18 May

When it comes to long-distance relationships, the generally-accepted philosophy is that they’re not a good idea and often lead to conflict and break-ups. But, is that really the case?

Hitting P A U S E

8 May

You’ve just been hit with a fistful of words and your immediate reaction is to hit back with a barrage of your own.