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Are You a Love Addict?

15 Jun

If you’ve been around long enough, you probably know a bit about addiction – at least the kind that involves illicit drugs or alcohol. But, what about love? Is it possible to be a love “addict”? And, if so, what does it mean for those around us?

Encouraging Lateral Thinking to Problem Solve

27 May

Our model of thinking in the Western world is based on linear logic – which is entirely derived from the left side of the brain.

Leaders: Would you rather be liked or respected?

22 May

Leadership is hard and lonely. Creating a vision and direction can impact many – like shaking up the status quo. So, as you forge a new leadership role or build on an existing one … would you feel better if you are liked or respected?

Civil Conversations

15 May

A colleague recently told me about relationships he had that were being strained by the negative public discourse in our country. People that he had been friendly with were talking about politics and communication was breaking down. Sides were being taken and the value of the relationships they had previously enjoyed were questioned and sometimes […]

“Even If… That Doesn’t Mean…

4 May

Inner conflict is one of the toughest battles to fight – after all, when we have an inner conflict, we can’t blame someone else or schedule a fist fight in the parking lot. Instead, it’s up to us and us alone to figure things out. And, that can be a tall order.

Tempted to Give Advice? Think Again.

1 May

It’s bound to happen. Someone with a marital or relationship problem is going to come to you and ask for advice. How do you best support that person now that you have been put into this “first responder” role?

When is Feeling Bad Good?

24 Apr

We’ve all heard of the “power of positive thinking.” But sometimes it’s just hard to turn that frown upside down. So what then?

Why Do Women Apologize So Much?

17 Apr

I was standing in a hallway of a restaurant waiting for my turn to use a women’s restroom. The door was locked and within 10 seconds it opened and a lady appeared. She looked at me and said “I’m sorry.” And I thought … for what? Why would this person think to say she was […]

Lovin’ a “Mediocre” Life

6 Apr

I don’t often “click here” when someone posts an article on Facebook, but when I saw the topic of a recent article posted by a friend, I just had to see what it was all about. It was called “What If All I Want Is a Mediocre Life?’, and it had me intrigued.

When Conflict Escalates …

3 Apr

Conflicts will grow over time if unaddressed.