Celebrating Our Differences

20 Jun

I read a great NY Times review  of the Pixar film “Finding Dory,” which opened in theaters last Friday. I haven’t had the chance to see it,  but now it’s on my list.


Finding DoryBecause according to the reviewer, the movie includes stories about disabilities, which for the most part are celebrated rather than made fun of.

Dory is a forgetful little fish. Her parents teach her adaptive skills and try to build her confidence.

Hank the Octopus is missing a tentacle, so now he’s a “septopus.”

Bailey the Beluga Whale grapples with broken sonar.

Destiny the Whale Shark bumps into things because he’s nearsighted.

“Finding Dory” celebrates each characters differences as the source of a unique contribution and a lesson that the differences are not to be feared, but rather appreciated and embraced.

What I loved the most about the NY Times review is A.O. Scott’s observation:

“The inclusiveness of the film’s vision is remarkable partly because it feels so natural, something that no adult will really need to explain. Children will get it, perhaps more intuitively and easily than the rest of us.”

Children will get it because they are far more accepting that we adults. Maybe we should all pop into the movie theater this summer for some popcorn and a good dose of acceptance of our differences.


P.S. For those of you with young ones, here is a link to a movie activity packet, created in partnership with the DisneyNature Educational Team.


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