Church Mediation–Who Knew?

4 Apr

My husband recently accepted a position with a company out of Chicago, IL, and, since we will soon be relocating there at the end of the summer, some of his associates have kindly put me in touch with therapists there, so I could continue my career. When I went online to check one out, I was pleased (and surprised) to learn that he was involved in conflict mediation–with Church congregations.

First, I had no idea anyone specialized in Church congregation mediation. Second, I had no idea Church congregations NEEDED mediation! But, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Any group of people who regularly gather with common goals are likely to have conflict. And, those within a Church are probably no different.

prayingClearly, money is involved in Church matters…and, the delegation of that money. Furthermore, the Church has a leadership structure, which is often a catalyst for conflict. Finally, Churches are usually part of a national organization, which, again, can cause conflict.

It’s clear–mediation opportunities are everywhere, and the Church is no different. I can’t wait to meet this gentleman and pick his brain!


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