Clarity–Is That Clear? The 6th Commandment for Mediators

12 Dec

As we near the end of “The Seven Commandments for Mediators” (self-titled…), this is one of the most important, in my opinion.Here it is: Clarity is essential for compliance.

When a mediator writes up an agreement, there is, perhaps, no bigger issue than clarity. EVERYTHING must be spelled out in such a manner that it does not leave ANY room for interpretation. Using simple, clear, detailed language is essential.

untitledWhen it comes to parenting agreements, it’s always good form to be clear who is picking up, who is dropping off, where, at what time, what about that piano lesson on Wednesdays? (You get the point).

I think back to my training in divorce mediation and the “agreements” we had to write up to complete our training. Boy, did that seem tedious!? But, everyone knew it was necessary because, in the midst of emotional mediations, it’s more than likely one party will use any “wiggle room” for his/her own cause.

Now that I think about it, clarity’s pretty important in, pretty much, all situations. With the holidays coming up, what if everyone at the pot-luck decided to bring mashed potatoes!


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