Cows that Type

7 Apr

Dear Farmer Brown:

The barn is very cold at night. We’d like electric blankets.


The Cows.

cowThis is what happens when a bunch of cows find an old typewriter in their barn – they write a grievance letter to direct Farmer Brown’s attention to their living conditions.

“No way” says Farmer Brown. “No electric blankets.”

So, you guessed it … the cows go on strike.

More typing (click, clack, moo) and another note:

Sorry. We’re closed. No milk today.

The hens join the demand for electric blankets and the peaceful strike grows.

Closed. No milk. No eggs.

Farmer Brown is furious and types a note of his own:

Dear Cows and Hens:

There are no electric blankets. You are cows and hens.

I demand milk and eggs.

Sincerely, Farmer Brown

Duck is a neutral party who carries the ultimatum to the cows.

After a long night of meetings, the cows decide to send Duck over to Farmer Brown with a compromise  – they would exchange their old typewriter for electric blankets.

Farmer Brown thinks this is a pretty fair deal and leaves the blankets by the barn door. He waits for Duck to bring the typewriter from the barn.

Much to his surprise, he receives a note:

Dear Farmer Brown:

The pond is quite boring. We’d like a diving board.


The Ducks

Click, Clack, Moo – Cows that Type was written by Doreen Cronin and beautifully illustrated by Betsy Lewis.

I’m going to buy several copies to give to little ones to enjoy.  I bet you couldn’t guess that my favorite character is Duck … the neutral party.


Click here to view the book on PBS Kids

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