Conflict Help Coming to an App Near You

13 Jan

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love it when it works … I hate  it when it breaks down and I realize how much I depend on it.

I don’t think much about technology when it comes to mediation.  After all, mediation is more about people than it is about bits and bytes.

So, I was pretty surprised when I read recently that there was a “mediation” app for my iPhone. Did I misread? Was it actually a meditation app for guided relaxation?

Nope. I wasn’t seeing things.

Cell-Phones_43It’s an an app called “Mediator“, developed in Denmark, that guides you through the steps of the mediation process (in English).

I think I am going to tell our  students about it when we teach out next 40 hour basic mediation class in April. How cool would, when they are preparing for their first few mediations, to walk through the process on their mobile device. It might help to calm their nerves as they think about open ended questions to ask or the details to remember.

There’s a lot to remember when you first start out as a mediator. And any tool can help …. even an electronic one.




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