Congress: Now is the Perfect Time

21 Oct

Dear Congress:

Have you read the letters to the editor or heard the conversations in line at the store? I have.

The public is frustrated with you and your willingness to let things go so far to shut the government down for 16 days.

congress-capitolPhew … the immediate crisis was temporarily averted, but the real issues haven’t been addressed. They remain, lingering in the background, until we go through all of this again early next year.

There is another way. It’s worth a try. You have a few months … now is the perfect time.

I know that you formed a House-Senate conference committee to negotiate at fiscal issue details. PLEASE contact a mediator or facilitator to help this group start a constructive conversation.

Perhaps you can figure out what the interests are beneath the positions you use as sound bites to the press. Maybe you can stop blaming the other side and look to where you might have some flexibility. And maybe, you will find that there is some common ground to build from.

Trying mediation is a sign of strength, not weakness!

What do you say, Congress? Are you willing to try something different?



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