Dialogue vs. Debate

19 May

I am not writing this blog post to detract from debate clubs all over the country that are fostering this age-old form of “arguing” the right and wrongs of ideas, concepts, policies and more.

The word “debate” is often identified with terms like “heated” which speaks to me about escalated feelings and being adversarial.

Debating is about winning and there is an assumption that there is a right answer and one side has it. The foundation of debating is to listen for flaws and make counter arguments. It means criticizing the other side and being determined about being ‘right.’ It is a close-minded approach that involves defending your positions and points of view. It’s competitive.

Now … please take a moment to consider an entirely different approach: DIALOGUE.Blog Post

Having a dialogue means connecting on an entirely different level. It promotes working together to identify a shared meaning … a common understanding.

Dialogue derives its power from the perspective that answers are built on the efforts of many. Its basis is exploration and an acceptance that another view might improve your own.

Engaging in dialogue is done with an open-minded without fear of being wrong. It relies on listening to understand.

Doesn’t dialogue feel a whole lot more constructive?

So next time you are thinking about how to approach a conversation … consider the benefits of engaging in a dialogue rather than launching into debate.








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