Does Distrust Hold You Back?

16 Jul

So, in my former life, a.k.a. before I became a therapist, I was in television as both a reporter and meteorologist (quite a change, I know!). And, since most people in Hawaii know me as a television personality, I’ve been approached by a few people to help with producing, writing, etc.

Since my license hasn’t transfered yet, I’ve taken PBS Hawaii up on the offer to co-produce a weekly current events show, and, frankly, I’m really enjoying it!What’s really great is that I’m getting to know the issues facing our state, and it’s been eye-opening to come face-to-face with some of the challenges we confront here. One of those issues is a deep, I mean DEEP, mistrust of, well, just about everything.

Last week’s show discussed why Hawaii was ranked last by CNBSC in business-friendlines. What? Not friendly, I wondered? Certainly, they have us mixed up with some other state!

SONY DSCBut, then, we got down to brass tacks–the fact is, people who live here tend to mistrust the unknown.

Several business-ventures have been driven out of town by protesters who don’t want them here. The reasons vary, but here are a few: the company is too big, the company is from the mainland, the company wants to put a telescope where!? You get the idea.

It got me thinking about my own “distrust” issues, and I realized I’m very accepting of the unknown when it comes to what I buy, where I shop, what I feed my kids, etc. I’m NOT so trusting about people. I’m worried they will cheat me. I’m worried they will betray me. I’m worried they want something from me.

Psychologically speaking, yes, I’m a victim of people who have done just that in the past. But, certainly, that’s not ALL people. And, at what point, does my distrust hold me back?

Perhaps it’s a question you could ask yourself–do you distrust others because of isolated incidents during which someone broke your trust?

I’m guilty of it.


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