Drop the Grudge–Improve Your Health

19 Sep

Just in case you needed another reason to let go of your grudge and forgive someone who’s wronged you, studies show forgiveness can actually improve your health.

Researchers at Hope College in Holland, MI set up a study of 70 undergraduates and asked them to imagine actual scenarios in which they either forgave or nursed a grudge. More specifically, they were asked to imagine four responses: remembering the hurt, holding a grudge and/or plotting revenge, empathy with the offender, and granting forgiveness.images

They measured students’ facial muscle tension, amount of sweating, heart rate, and blood pressure.

The results? Nursing a hurt leads to agitation and hostility that linger even after a person stops thinking about the incident. In fact, the lead researcher believes that people who don’t forgive could be setting themselves up for future health problems ranging from mild depression to acute cardiovascular woes. She says,  “It may be that forgiveness holds its own type of healing.”

It’s settled then–good-bye grudges, hello good health!


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