Elect Mediators to Public Office

24 Feb

Are you frustrated with the polarization that characterizes our political environment? Do you think that elected officials should set aside their partisan approach and work together to address our nation’s challenges?

If that’s the case, you will like the work of The “Elect Mediators to Public Office” Project.

tug-o-war-672x390Founder Dan Dana, Ph.D., believes that “having more mediators in public office who possess abilities in non-adversarial resolution of differences will result in better political processes and better government.”

I know I always perk up when I see mediation in a candidate’s background. Why is that?

It’s because of the skill set that mediators have that would help them in public office too:

  • Comfortable with conflict – that’s what their profession is all about!
  • Demonstrate lots of patience – the parties need to agree and that can take time
  • Seek information through questions – as opposed to having all the answers
  • Practice great listening skills – instead of always having the floor
  • Know that a solution can’t be strong-armed … voluntary creates more buy-in

So, if you learn that a candidate has a mediation background, ask him or her who they plan to use those skills in office. I’m guessing … you will like what you hear.



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