Exercise Your Other Brain

18 Jul

The left hand side of our brain is logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective and focuses on parts.

It is what we call upon to solve problems in an organized and methodical way.

It helps us memorize, prioritize and make decisions.

Turns out that we use it about 90% of the time.

The right hand side of our brain is random, intuitive, synthesizing and subjective. And it looks at the whole.

It tries different approaches and is comfortable with things that are illogical and unorthodox. It has no problem with intrusions. Change is good.

Right and left brain - Depositphotos_26440777_s-2015Our right brain is exercised only 10% of our day.

The educational system and our society put great emphasis on order and logic. It’s what gets us ahead and means that we “fit in.”  It results in repetition, familiarity and rigidity. That’s why our left brain is overworked.

There are those who believe that we need to exercise our right brain to create a better balance.

How can we do that? Well, it’s sort of like going to the gym for your brain. You have to make a concerted effort.

Here are some suggestions:

  • STOP and think – Sit in your favorite chair or go to your favorite place and just think. Start slow, a few minutes here and there will help you to generate new ideas and release your brain’s flexibility.
  • Visually stimulate your brain – Try a new way to drive home, go to an art show, doodle, play outdoors. Do something you haven’t done in years.
  • Reach out and talk to someone – Call up an old friend you’ve lost contact with. Talk to a young person if you are older or vice versa. Get a different perspective.
  • Give your (left) brain a break – Clear your mind on a 30 minute walk. Meditate if you can.

The benefit may be to open up your mind and include lateral, rather than just linear, thinking.






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