Expressing Appreciation

12 Dec

Relationships are hard. Period.

So, I am always looking for tips to help nurture them.

There are a lot of stresses that work against relationships including, most predominantly, daily life.

You can fill in the blank … your child is sick and can’t go to school today; that big project is due; the dog escaped from the back yard when you were already late for work.

And often the people who are the closest to you, whether it’s at home or at work, bear the brunt of your reaction to whatever it is. You may take it out on them.  Your reactions towards them are short, demanding or perhaps even downright mean.

Or even if things are going OK for you, you may have started taking someone else for granted. It can easily happen. What was so special at one time has become common place. That cute text or the smell of dinner when you arrive home don’t conjure up that same feeling anymore.

Why is that?

It’s because we have misplaced our sense of appreciation.

We have buried the pure delight and gratitude that we used to feel.

Life continually requires us to address and fix hiccups, problems and breakdowns and sometimes that becomes our entire focus.

But its important to remember that satisfying relationships (and in turn, a happy life) require that we not only notice, but also respond to, what is delightful, positive, excellent, enjoyable and wonderful.

It is appreciation that strengthens relationships to accommodate and be able to successfully work through differences and disagreements.

Healthy relationships NEED a core of mutual appreciation.

So find and express appreciation for the big and little things and help to build up that core. I bet you’ll notice the difference it makes.





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