For the Children

15 Apr

I usually write about news from the U.S., but when I saw this story from ‘across the pond’, I had to pass it along … because it has to do with children.

One third of Britain’s children live in separated families.  According to the minister responsible for child maintenance, “Research shows that children fare better if the parents work together.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Kids with baloonsSo, the government is funding the equivalent of $10 million to help separated parents to put their differences aside … for the sake of the children. One of the services they are providing is mediation (YEAH)!  50,000 people have already visited the web app “Sorting out Separation” which was launched only 5 months ago. It helps to connect parents with resources such as articles, videos, courses and live chat with a counselor.

More money will be available for mediation later this year and laws are being enacted to encourage couples to consider mediation to avoid having to go to court.

Part of the program will be a “virtual” internet-based mediation service hosted by Relate, a charitable organization, along with local face-to-face mediation, to help parents reach amicable agreements.  There are also plans for parenting classes for teenage mothers and fathers and support to help those who fear their ex-partners.

Here is a quote from the web site announcing the competitive grant process to provide services:

The Government believes that strong and stable families are essential to a strong and stable society.

It sounds like Britain understands that even when families are separated, collaboration is a priority to promote strengthened relationships – and that’s just plain good for kids!


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