Getting to Know You

21 Apr

Have you ever sat in a meeting and thought to yourself … I don’t really know anything about these people beyond their name and role in whatever project or issue that brought us together?

So what triggered this random idea for today’s blog?

Well, I had the chance to drive a colleague to the airport in Las Vegas last week. We got stuck in traffic and so we had more time than usual for conversation. Even though we have been working together for almost a year, I really don’t know all that much about him at all. So this extra time in the car gave us the opportunity to share funny stories — we laughed quite a bit. I really feel like we bonded on a more personal level.

greetings introductionsI am also co-teaching our 40 hour beginning mediation class later this week and one of my tasks is to find an ‘icebreaker’ to use the first morning. So, I goggled for some ideas and I found a great master list of icebreaker questions.

Which got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be great if every time we got together with people we didn’t know very well, or perhaps at all, we would have to go around the room or table and answer a short question like:

  • What was your proudest moment?
  • What did you want to be when you were little?
  • What music would I hear if I turned on your car radio/iPhone?
  • What makes you laugh?
  • Describe your perfect day off?

If we all connected on this personal level, maybe it would give us a chance to have a different perspective of each other and help to serve as a basis to find common ground more easily …. or get us through the rough patches when we don’t.

So, here’s my icebreaker question for my readers … what date on your calendar are you looking forward to?


P.S. Here’s my answer … June 21 – the longest day of the year.

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