The Gift of Mediation

3 Jun

Giving the gift of mediation. I hadn’t thought of that before …..

gift-boxLast month, I had the opportunity to give a presentation about mediation at a conference. After my talk, a lady came up to me to thank me and she shared that the best present her husband ever gave her was mediation.

That got me to thinking. We often focus on divorce when talking about couples and mediation. But why can’t it be used to help couples who want to preserve their relationship through issues they are stuck on?

Now, I’m not a psychologist or counselor and certainly am not suggesting that I can help couples through difficult times like they can.

But suppose a couple wants to address specific things that are causing them hardship in their relationship. Here are some examples that we can probably all relate to.  How about different approaches to budgeting and spending money? Or parenting philosophies? Or maybe even dividing responsibilities in every day life?

A mediator can help a couple through a conversation about whatever issue is at the heart of their differences. And perhaps they can come up with an agreement to accommodates each other’s needs and interests. Who knows, maybe they will even agree to seek counseling.

Whatever the issue, mediation might be an invaluable tool to having a conversation that’s too hard to start or have on your own.

On second thought … the gift of mediation might work with your teenagers too.




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