Try it on for Size

3 Feb

Sometimes the future seems so far away … especially when you have to make a decision today that will affect you for a long time to come.

Take, for example, coming up a parenting/custody plan with your ‘soon to be ex-spouse’ regarding your child who is only a toddler.  It might seem overwhelming to put down on paper, a plan that’s supposed to last 15 or 16 years!

But that’s what parents can be faced with.

So here’s a thought … that could also apply to just about any situation when the future seems so distant.

try-it-out1Why not come up with a proposal and ‘try it on for size.’ In other words … part of the agreement can be to ‘time limit’ the solution with a commitment to come back together again to see how it’s going.

Did it work the way you expected or intended? Are there things that need tweaking? Have circumstances changed that need to be factored in?

And this could apply to a work issue (i.e. a change in the organizational chart), a family issue (i.e. a new plan to share the family vehicles) or just about anything you can think of.

Trying a proposal on for size might make it seem less ‘forever’ and more adaptable … if things turns out to be different than you had planned and hoped for.


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