Giving Thanks–and a Logical Basis: The 4th Commandment for Mediators

28 Nov

It’s Thanksgiving! And, in honor of the holiday, I have a very specific thanks for our readers–THANK YOU for your support. It’s been a joy to write blog entries with my partner, Jeanette, and a real treat to get to share some of my thoughts on conflict resolution with all of you!

On that note, I promised a blog series–and I’m here to deliver! So, here’s the 4th commandment for mediators and anyone who deals with conflict resolution: All decisions must have a logical basis.untitled

If you can give a logical reason behind any decision you make, you’re far more likely to gain the respect of the parties. As a mediator, even a decision as simple as when to caucus and with whom need to have a reasonable basis.

As a Parent Coordinator or arbitrator, having a logical basis behind decisions may be even more important, as these positions come with the responsibility to determine the outcome of the conflict. Building on the Thanksgiving Break example from last week: The Parent Coordinator may use other examples of holidays that fall during the week and use those to support his/her decision.

Bottom line: You’ll have a better chance of gaining the respect and trust of the parties if you have good reason for your decisions at the bargaining table–and, at the end of the day, trust and respect are what conflict resolution’s all about!


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