Hard-to-Please and Proud of It?

13 Mar

It’s been a pretty stressful week in our home. My husband, who started a new job about a year ago, is under a tremendous amount of pressure at work–trying to please his boss. Now, my husband would be classified as a people-pleaser and very, very easy to please. I’m being serious when I tell you that all he asked for when he turned 48 this past January was a bag of pretzels and some Cokes (and that’s what he got).imagesRPBFKFJS

So, it’s not a stretch to imagine him trying to please his boss–and his new company. But, for all his charm and talent, he’s not sure it’s working. And, the pressure is mounting.

It got me thinking about being easy-to-please vs. hard-to-please, and the yin and yang of it all. I will confess that I am probably hard-to-please, and I always wonder if those around me will spend countless hours trying to please me, only to discover it’s nearly impossible.

But, then, I thought about the alternative–what if we all lived in a world where everyone were easy-to-please? Where’s the fun in that?

When I mediate or facilitate therapy, I’m always on alert for that dynamic. Does the couple consist of one easy-to-pleaser and one hard-to-pleaser? The answer is almost always, “yes.”

In mediation, that dynamic can be a stumbling block–but, in life, can it actually be helpful?


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