Hearing or Listening?

25 Feb

Most of us think we are good at it – LISTENING.

But as a mediator, I’m not so sure about that.  Often, feeling unheard or misunderstood is at the root of a conflict. If people are talking to each other, why aren’t they communicating?

One of the reasons is that there is a huge difference between hearing one another and listening to each other.

Hearing requires only a physical ability … hearing sound with the ear.

Listening, on the other hand, is something you consciously chose to do. It requires concentration and doesn’t just happen.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to learn better listening skills to improve the communication you have with your kids, your co-worker, your neighbor? Just to name a few. Maybe it could help to avoid misunderstandings and improve relationships?

That’s why I am going to devote the next few blog posts to listening. Because it takes a lot of effort to be a better listener but the good news is … your skills can improve with practice.

Some of my tips will seem like common sense (duh!) but when you read them, think about how often you don’t do them.

So here’s a preview:

When you are not listening, you are not learning!

More on March 4 …





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