Here Comes the Bride …

16 Sep

Every once in a while, while channel surfing (on an evening when Bill isn’t home), I might pause for a few stolen moments to watch “Say Yes to the Dress”  This show offers a peek into the world of wedding dress shopping and features brides making this big decision with a large group of family and friends.

say yes to teh dressWomen don’t usually make the wedding dress decision alone … or even in pairs. They bring helpers with them. Sometimes even their father!

Mix in a lot of emotion, anticipation and just plain ‘nerves’ – not to mention family dynamics and all that history. All of which can add up to a whole lot of stress.

YIKES – that spells conflict!

Now, I am a big proponent of learning conflict resolution skills to help avoid blowouts … but when you are embroiled in a conflict, it may not be a good time to step back and take a lesson.

So, enter the wedding mediator.

I looked online to see if there were lots of people offering this service and I was really surprised that I didn’t find much. Most of the hits were for marriage or divorce mediation.

But I’m talking way before that. The weeks and months leading up to a wedding are full of tests – like how to communicate, share, plan, make decisions, balance and hopefully, at the end of the day, navigate all of these water and have fun getting to the alter.

It’s a perfect time to think about calling a mediator if things have gotten a bit out of control and that blissful feeling is being replaced by arguments about the size of the guest list or what style of bridesmaid dress will look good on a variety of body types.

Bringing parties together to discuss areas of contention with a mediator might make planning the walk down the aisle a whole lot more enjoyable.







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