The Seven Commandments

7 Nov

I think it’s time for my first blog-series. My first blogeries! (O.K. I’ll try to think of a catchier name!)

I just got my latest issue of Family Therapy magazine, and I was surprised to discover an article about high conflict divorce and Parent Coordinators (arbitrators for co-parenting issues). I soon realized that these rules didn’t just work for Parent Coordinators. They’re just as relevant for mediators. So, here they are–I’ll call them the Seven Commandments for conflict resolution!untitled

Here’s the first commandment: : Structure is key.

It’s very likely that the environment will be chaotic–two opposing views and lots of opinions! Plus, all the heightened emotions that can bring out bad behavior. It’s important to spell out EVERYTHING–from rules in the room to payment structure. No stone can be left unturned because that will only lead to more conflict.

Stay tuned for more…





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