How To Handle Thanksgiving – When No One’s Feeling Thankful

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving readers! This time of year, we’re all told to be “thankful” for the blessings in our lives. And, it’s true – studies show that being grateful for what we have decreases depression, anxiety, and despair.

But, how do you celebrate Thanksgiving when, frankly, you don’t have that much to be thankful for? Perhaps a close relative has passed away and won’t be at the family gathering this year. Or, maybe, you’ve gone through a divorce in 2016. Maybe you’ve lost a job. The list goes on and on.thanksgiving

It’s important to acknowledge the “bad” things that have happened, even though your instinct is to forget them. I say this because part of being grateful is feeling gratitude for merely “getting through” the tough times.

Put bluntly–you’ve gone through some pretty tough times this year. But, guess what? You’ve made it out alive. You’re still breathing, living, functioning. For that, you can be grateful.

And, perhaps you’re grateful for what you’ve learned by going through the hardship you experienced in 2016. What life-lessons came out of your experience?

Finally, you may be thankful for the complete human experience – without despair, we can’t know joy. What does your hardship say about being human?

It’s OK if you don’t feel especially thankful this Thanksgiving. Acknowledge what you’ve been through. Then, challenge yourself to find ways to be thankful for your hardships.




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