I’m “Hangry!”

8 May

Before my husband and I were engaged and married, we decided to take a trip to Italy together. It was a glorious trip–really! However, it was also an education…for him.

And, that education had to do with how to handle my low blood sugar.  Now, if you’ve ever traveled to Europe, you know it involves a lot of walking. That burns a lot of calories. So, about every two hours, I would get hungry…very hungry. And, I would also get very angry.

My husband is a quick learner and figured out how to spot restaurants within ten seconds of noticing my emotional demise.untitled Turns out, there’s a reason for all that anger–researchers facilitated a study during which spouses would use voodoo dolls to express their anger at their partners. When their blood sugar was low, the anger was much higher. All these people were “hangry!”

I makes me realize that, sometimes, a reasonably simple explanation can account for our emotions. Spouse irritating you by just existing? Have a sandwich! After that trip, my husband proposed anyway–my “hangry” attitude and all. And, 15 years later, he still feeds me often, just in case.

Here’s a link to the article about being “hangry.”


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