Invitation to Talk

18 Feb

You’ve been co-workers for a long time and always got along great.

But lately your relationship has gotten off track. You feel like everything started to change between you after you got that promotion.

And then last week, the “you know what” hit the fan, and you had that blow up right in the middle of the office. It was horrible and you both stormed off. You haven’t talked since.

But you’re going to have to work together on that big project really soon —- so, now what??

One of the hardest steps is the first one – reaching out. Why should you have to? She started it that day.

Well, if you both feel that way, nothing will change or get better and working on that project will be a miserable experience.

Have you ever thought about taking that first step … by extending an invitation?

That’s what I do as a mediator. If someone calls me and wants me to mediate a dispute for them, they sometimes ask me to contact the other person to see if he ot she is interested in mediation too. So, I will make a call, explain a little bit about mediation, and see if the other person wants to give it a try too.

You can use the same tool yourself, by writing your invitation. It’s probably a lot easier than a face to face conversation. It gives the other person some time to think about it and react.

Or, you can always reach out to a mediator to invite the other person to explore the opportunites to resolve a dispute offered by mediation.






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